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The Club that appears

Legends tell about a place called Ape Drink Club that only appears at night and also only in one place at time.

If you manage to find that club, you will also be able to enter and meet our Star Bartender as well, who will serve you a magical Ape Drink from among the 10,000 that he has, with a theme inspired in the famous bored apes yacht club..

Each drink will be unique and different from any other, because our Bartender learned to make each one of them in a different world of the universe.

Legend has it that if you manage to get even one of those drinks, before the first rays of dawn, you will have a life full of riches and good fortune.

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This... is... THE ROADMAP!!!

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  • 1. The Bartender creates his ape drinks

    The Star Bartender traveled the universe, learning the secrets of preparing the perfect drinks. Once his journey through the cosmos is over, he returns to earth and created his 10,000 drinks, made with the knowledge gained in each world he visited.

    He prepares them with love and dedication, each one different from the others, so that you can find the perfect one for you.

  • 2. A club has born

    A place was created to offer the Ape Drinks, but what is a club without its members? Nothing!

    That's why we need you to join us, to create a strong Discord community where we will have events, raffles, promotions, talks, and friends in a place that we can call our own.

  • 3. Let the drinks flow

    The mints of the ape drinks will begin before their reveal, where those who are part of our community in Discord, will have priority and advantages over those who are not part of it. Here will also be the gifted mints,  thouse that will be obtained in events, and contests within our Discord.

  • 4. Revelations

    At this point all the drinks will be revealed.
    That means you'll be able to see how your Ape Drink looks like, and know if you got one of the rare and special ones.
  • 5. Help others

    With the help of our friends in the Discord community, we will choose a project or non-profit organization, to make a significant donation, in order to help those who need it most.

  • 6. New Horizons


    After the donation, we will contact you, our community, to ask what type of merchandise you would like to see from Ape Drinks Club.

    In this process you will participate with us, helping us with your ideas; to later materialize them in new products, recognizing your creative contribution, and rewarding you for your help.

  • 7. So, whats next?

    New collections will come in the future, and those who own an Ape Drink, will be rewarded with items from the next project.

Join the Ape Drink Club

The Ape Drink Club TEAM

Painkiller Ape Drink with orange background



Daiquiri Ape Drink with golden Background



Mango Margarita Ape Drink with purple backgorund

Mango Margarita

Web Designer

Passion Fruit Mojito with orange background

Passion Fruit Mojito


Mojo Mojito Ape Drink with golden background

Mojo Mojito

Software Engineer

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Most frequently asked questions, and their answers. Any other doubt or question can be answered in our Discord.

We are a group of young people who, going out for a drink at a bar after work, talked and had this idea of ​​making our own collection of NFT, where all of us could work doing what we love, and help our families.

The APE DRINKS are a total of 10,000 drinks (nft’s), that our Star Bartender prepares, and offers every night in his club; to those who are lucky enough to find his place.

Each of these magical drinks offers wealth and fortune; to everyone who owns at least one of the Ape Drink, as well as becoming a member of the club, which means you can enter the members room (on discord), and meet the other members of the club, making new friends.

Install the Metamask Wallet extension in your Chrome browser.

Buy Ethereum through the Metamask wallet or send it from any exchange.

Connect your Metamask to the apedrinkclub website and mint your NFT drink.

In the firstly sale, it will be by clicking on the button that says “buy a drink”, located at the top of the page, this will redirect you to our application, where you can buy your ape drinks.

The secondly way, will be when you want to buy an Ape Drink that already has an owner, therefore, in order to acquire one, the Open Sea platform will have to be used.